How to Winterize Your Condo or Apartment Building BEFORE Winter


It has been predicted New York will experience a mild winter this year and the early part of 2015. That means less shoveling and less wear and tear on your heating system. But, even a mild winter day/night can be brutal if you live in a drafty home. The following are a few tips on how to winterize your home before winter.

Boiler and Furnace Maintenance Tip

Avoid waiting until the cold winter months to winterize your condo or apartment building. Winterizing your property in advance can save you from costly repairs and annoyed tenants. Make sure your heating appliances can operate during the winter. There is nothing worse than experiencing a cold shower in the dead of winter or worse, a cold apartment.

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

If your maintenance department controls your heating system, a programmable thermostat system can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Since we’re expecting a mild winter, you can save money on your heating bills by lowering your thermostat system to coincide with the weather temperature.

Building Exterior

Make sure you keep up with your building’s exterior. A well-kept exterior will help guard against the cold winter elements. Thoroughly inspect your building and check for leakage or any kind of damage. Use caulking to the windows and doors that need to be sealed.

Clear Drainage and Gutters

Remove leaves and other debris that could clog up your drainage systems. Doing this important step will help prevent leaks and problems with snow accumulation during the winter.
These are just a handful of important steps to take to winterize your building. A property management company can save you time and money when it comes to winterization. For more information on how Metropolitan Pacific Properties can help get your property up to speed for the upcoming winter, give us a call today at: (718) 626-4400.

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