NYC Issues Cold Temp Warning Tips for Property Owners & Tenants

usa-today-photoThe cold, rigid weather over the past few days makes the recent mild winter weather prediction seem like a fluke to many New Yorkers. According to weather experts, we are still on course for a mild winter (so far). Recently, Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued the following winter Do’s and Don’ts:

DO stay indoors during record-breaking temperature days. Usually, when a weather emergency has been issued, the local news channels will suggest that people stay indoors and avoid the outdoors if they can.
DON’T use a gas stove to heat up an apartment. A gas stove is a fire hazard.
DO report loss of hot water or heat to property managers ASAP – then call 311.
DON’T use a propane or kerosene space heater.
DO find a warm place if your home lacks heat.
DON’T use a generator or gas or barbecue grill indoors.
DO dress in layers of dry loose-fitting clothing. Wear a warm hat and gloves to keep warm and avoid hyperthermia.
DON’T leave anything, such as clothing, paper, curtains or any other flammable objects near an electric heater.
DO check on relatives, friends, clients, and neighbors if you are a service provider.

In addition to the do’s and don’ts above, the Mayor has asked New York City residents to check on their neighbors (especially the elderly) if the apartment building, they live in, is cold. As mentioned previously, residents are urged to contact their property manager or call 311 to get heat restored if their building lacks sufficient heat.

Obviously, if you have lived in New York long enough, you know it’s important to be well prepared to battle the cold – just in case the winter season is colder than predicted.  Final tips: Use energy efficient heating systems and monitor your usage and invoices to make sure you are getting the most for your dollar!

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