Metropolitan Pacific Properties Gets Rewarded by NYC Clean Heat for Converting 75% of Their Buildings into Cleaner Heating Fuel

NYC Clean HeatMetropolitan Pacific Propertiesis proud to announce that we have been rewarded, by the NYC Clean Heat Property Manager Recognition Program, for converting 75 percent of our buildings into cleaner heating fuel.

Cleaner heating fuel, such as natural gas and other types of alternative fuels not only reduces energy costs, but it also decreases the environmental footprint and provides us with clean, pollution-free air.

Building owners who convert to cleaner fuel alternatives can actually save lives. NYC Clean Heat’s goal is to reduce 50 percent of the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions from buildings that burn traditional oil by the end of this year. This ongoing initiative could save up to 120 lives annually.

It can also help prevent certain illnesses caused by traditional fuels, such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems like asthma.

Converting to clean heating also helps in preventing 77 hospitalizations and 200 emergency room visits. As a result, it can save the health care system $3.9 million annually. Here are a few more benefits of converting to alternative fuels like Natural Gas:

• It reduces operating costs
• You pay for what you use
• Converting to clean heating is affordable and easy

FACT: Natural gas is considered more efficient and it has reduced 40 percent of natural gas-consumption in the United States since 1979, according to experts.

At Metropolitan Pacific Properties, we know firsthand how heavy oil (or traditional oil) is the root cause of high energy costs. This can take a large portion out of a property owner’s budget and profits. We are looking forward to helping more building owners reduce energy costs by converting over to cleaner heating fuels.

Visit the NYC Clean Heat website to find out more details about our honorable mention:


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