Metropolitan Pacific Properties Announces Expanded Long Island Property Management Services

Long Island Light HouseYou have probably heard that we have been providing property management on Long Island, NY for quite some time. Metropolitan Pacific Properties is delighted to announce that we are now accepting more clients in both Nassau and Suffolk County to improve service to those areas.

Our goal is to continue to help property owners and facility managers in the residential and commercial sectors increase the value of their property and improve their return on investment. We accomplish these goals by both increasing revenue and decreasing costs to maximize incomes and profits.

Our Long Island property management team handles the following tasks:

Property Operations, Administrative Tasks & Tenant Management

• Full-service operations, maintenance and administrative duties
• Tenant relationships
• Fill vacancies and more
• Snow removal and landscaping


As you probably already know, we have in-house CPAs to help maintain the financial health of a property. But, we also manage:

• Security deposits
• Rental income
• Reserve funds and more

We are known for our ability to scrutinize utility bills and facility costs to help put money back on your bottom line.

Excellent Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service may not qualify as a service, but we find it’s an important aspect of building and maintaining strong client relationships. We have been told we do an outstanding job of maintaining our clients’ properties as if they were our own. Plus, we have been helping property owners save money by slashing operating costs, and generating new income streams.

Strong Communication Skills

We have open lines of communication with property owners, tenants, Board members and Homeowner Associations, which is important. We respond promptly to their inquiries. For example, when a resident or property owner calls our office, they are immediately greeted with a ‘live’ representative, instead of voicemail. Most of all, we have a 24/7/365 call service in place to handle all emergency calls. Our Long Island and New York City property owners are in good hands.


Do you provide commercial property management?
Yes, we provide both commercial and residential property management. Our knowledgeable staff is well trained to manage a diverse set of properties.

What type of residential property management do you provide?
Metropolitan’s property managers work with the following residential properties:

• Condominiums & Cooperatives (co-op)
• Townhouses, Rentals and Apartment buildings
• Homeowner associations (HOA)
• Individual residences

Are you able to provide references?
We have serviced New York, including the Long Island area (Nassau County & Suffolk County) for over twenty years. We have a strong track record. Call for references.

Reach Out To Us To Learn More

Are you a Long Island property owner or real estate investor searching for a good property management company? If so, we are here to help you. Give us a call today at: (718) 626-4400 to discuss your property management needs.

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