3 Ways Building Management Companies in NYC Can Enhance Security for Properties They Manage

SecuritySafety & Security Are Top Priority

When an apartment hunter is shopping around for a dream apartment in NYC, pricing, appearance and amenities are high on the list of priorities. However, it is not the only important factor when searching for the perfect apartment to rent or buy. Safety and security are key deciding factors when choosing a place to live.

All landlords have one thing in common – they all have obligations to their tenants, especially when it comes to safety and security. In this post, we are going to share three key cornerstones of security makeovers that every landlord should implement in buildings and properties.

Work Closely With Your Security Company Partners

In order to maintain a safe property in New York City, communication between you and your building’s security company should be top priority. Property managers should receive daily security reports directly from the security company. This will give the manager the heads up on any kind of incidents that could jeopardize the security and safety of a property and its residents.

Assessing Security At Every Property & Offering Recommendations

It is highly recommended that every property owner hires a reputable security company to come to their site to perform a thorough risk assessment and security analysis. Whenever Metropolitan Pacific Properties conducts an analysis and risk assessment, we take pertinent details from the report in order to create a plan of action that’s designed specifically for each property to help improve security – outside and inside the property.

Leveraging New Security Technologies

Hiring professional security guards from top-rated security companies and adding innovative technology will not only prevent potential crimes, but it will also give your property a competitive advantage. As a result, it will increase its value and marketability. In order for this to work, managers must utilize a communication system that is cutting edge, well maintained and easy to understand by residents.

An example of a good security technology to consider using is: Key Fobs. Key Fobs is a robust security device with a built-in authentication used to secure and control access to a building. This helps to keep unwanted trespassers (or non-residents) at bay. Having access to this type of technology is extremely important in maintaining the security and safety of your employees and residents.

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