Why Baby Boomers May Be Ideal Tenants for NYC Apartment Rentals

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The American Dream – The Rules Have Changedcouple

At one time, living the American Dream consisted of buying a dream house that you lived in throughout your golden years. The Baby Boom generation has rewritten the rules. Some baby boomers are giving up their palatial suburban houses to live a more maintenance-free lifestyle in a nice apartment, condo or penthouse that they rent. According to research, 60 percent of renter household growth is from the 55+ generation. The apartment industry is embracing the older generation and they’re not letting go. Here’s why: Read More 

DNA Testing for Pet Waste: Is the Latest Trend In Property Management to Penalize Property Owners?

propert-management-trendsThere is nothing more frustrating than accidentally stepping into a waste left behind by animals … and then being the one that’s forced to clean it up. Especially during the cold winter months, some pet owners become a little lackadaisical when it comes to cleaning up after their pets. This type of situation is very common in many apartment buildings and condominiums. As a result, some companies have reacted. Read More 

20 Situations Where You Should Hire A Professional Property Management Company For Your Rental Property

Is it time to hire a professional property management company?

Property Management Company Employees
Time to work with a professional?

If you own and operate a rental property in NYC, you have surely experienced the financial challenges and day-to-day operations issues that are impacting your investment’s success.

While you may be quite skilled in many areas of property management, there is often a ‘tipping point’ based on the size, scope or type of your property that will make your property better suited for a professional property management firm. Read More